Tech Resumé

  1. For Sun in 1997 I wrote on-line manuals related to embedded Java and a white paper on use of Java applets in a resource-poor environment.

  2. For Sage Solutions in 1996 &97 I wrote a reference guide for an object oriented programming project based on the Forté software described below.

  3. For Apple in 1995 I wrote the beta drafts of the Communications Tools, Desktop Connectivity, and Built-in Applications chapters of the Newton 2.0 Programmer's Guide. 

  4. For Adobe in 1994 and 1992 I worked for the Display PostScript group where I wrote manuals for developers, system administrators, and end users. 

  5. For Forté in 1993 I wrote a reference manual for an object-oriented programming tool kit used in a network environment. For Interactive Media Corporation I wrote a manual for Mac multi-media end users. 

  6. For Sun, in 1990 and 1991 I provided publications management consulting, wrote an installation guide for a CD-ROM user interface and starter documents for a wide variety of demos, stressing advanced graphics applications.

At Sun I managed documentation of unbundled software. My responsibilities included languages, AI, office automation, desktop publishing, graphics applications, data bases, data communication, computer-aided software engineering, applications for novice users, and selection of publication tools.

I was freelancing; my work included a trade book on Macintosh applications, manuals, mostly for PC Graphics end users, and articles in popular computer magazines.

At Apple I supervised most Apple III manuals and supervised Apple II manuals in languages and word processing; supervised systems, language, and data communication manuals for the Lisa. I was active in developing the graphic style of Apple manuals, in evaluating document production tools, and in finding technical routes to typesetting.

At Tymshare I managed the User Information Unit, which wrote, edited, and supervised production of reports, proposals, manuals, and hypertext documentation, and developed methods of training and application of the Augment system described below.

In the Augmentation Research Center at SRI International I did design, promotion, development, and implementation in computer-based publication, office automation, and application of networks. I also wrote, edited, and organized production of on-line hypertext documentation, reports, proposals, and user documentation and developed and gave training courses. This group invented the mouse and two-dimensional editing and pioneered use of the Internet and many now-familiar aspects of office automation, publishing, and hypertext.

At TRW Systems Group first I was a writer and then managed the Resource Data Center, a group of writers and editors who prepared related experience and descriptions of management for aerospace proposals across the company.

At the Western Regional Research Laboratory of the USDA, in Albany, California, I edited academic journal articles in engineering and chemistry and USDA publications of various kinds, ran a small house organ, produced technical movies, and supervised editing and graphics. 


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