MY Life in Pictures


My Life in Pictures (under Construction)

Berkeley 1936 (?) Photo HMH van Nouhuys

With my grandmother, Josie Holmesland

Fort Shaw, Montana, 1939(?) Photo HMH van Nouhuys

Kentfield 1943(?) Photo HMH van Nouhuys

Berkeley 1952 (?) Photo HMH van Nouhuys

Menlo Park 1958 Photo ?

Glendale 1963, Wedding picture with Whitney. Photo Jerome Kohl

Palo Alto 1971 with Whitney.

Photo Saskya van Nouhuys

Other photos from the 70’s appear on The Mouse Site

Afionas, Corfu, 1980. Photo Whitney

Menlo Park, 1984. Using a Lisa to write a book about Mac applications. Photo Boreas van Nouhuys

Berkeley, 1998. Photo Whitney

My father, Dirk Pieter van Nouhuys  mid 1930s, photo HMH van Nouhuys

My mother, H Marie Holmesland van Nouhuys, ca 1930, photo Clarence Bull