Liquify My Name



Foxy Lady, high-speed lady,

Your life is like a blur.

High-speed lady, blurry lady,

Your life is all the same.

Foxy lady, crazy lady,

Liquefy my name.

The Christian god is shakin' his big fist.

Rama Krishna permeates the void.

Hug me baby, I'm shakin' in your midst;

Melt me now; expand what we've enjoyed.

The pigs foresee their TV's in the street.

The pigs foresee all things will be the same

Like tramps and dovetails that you frankly meet.

To float away, please liquefy my name.

My name is myriad, that's what Jesus said.

My name is myriad that's what some one said.

They pierced his side and liquefied his head.

The Ginger man has come to town.

The ginger man is going round.

I see him run from claim to claim.

Please ask him to page my name.

If you can hold the candle,

Then you can feed the name.

If you can love my body, liquefy my name.

I love you like a moonbeam

Fluorescing in my drain.

If you want to dig me,

Please liquefy my name.

The world's dissolved our flame;

The world won't be the same.

The salt has learned its savor;

Liquefy my name!

I may not be good lookin',

I'm not long on fame.

If you don't believe I'm a person,

Liquefy my name.

Blend me baby and don't forget to come.

Blend me baby and don't forget to come.

Extract my heart from shame

And liquefy my name!


The juice tube's on the moon,

The soup is on the streets,

Everywhere we meet,

Liquefy my name.

Tina cries oohweee!

Eicky cries oohweee!

I cry before I come "Liquefy my name!"

Some folks drop their ego,

Some folks snort the same,

Some folks shoot solutions,

Liquefy my name.

My true love has my heart.

My father has my mind.

If you would find your part,

Liquefy my name.

In Vietnam they sprayed down all the trees.

In Vietnam they sprayed down all the rice.

Liquefy me baby,

It would feel so nice.

Some men hate the Black Folks worse than white.

Some folks hate the White Folks worse than black.

My name is mud, so throw me on my back.

When I come I spray all over hell.

Oh, when I come I spray all over hell!

Liquefy my name and you can do as well.

Liquefy my name and then delete my soul

Liquefy my name and execute my soul.

Link to my heart and, merge my jelly roll.


 Copyright © 1984 by Dirk van Nouhuys: All rights reserved.

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